PreSales Details, Token Allocation and Release Schedule

token burn use cases

$BOV token utilities

level up your ultimates

The only way to level up your Ultimates is to spend $BOV tokens to boost their experience. There are 4 different level thresholds depending on the Ultimate’s level. Only Legendaries will get to Level 50.


fuse existing nft's to get new ones

By opening card packs using $ULTI tokens, you’ll have the chance to open either Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary NFT’s. By fusing them and burning $BOV Tokens along the way, you can create higher rarity NFT’s.


reroll existing nft to get new stats

Having a Legendary Ultimate NFT that has poor stats such as Speed, Health or Attack? By burning $BOV Tokens you’ll get a new Ultimate with the same rarity that will have re-rolled stats (you get a chance to have higher stats).


buy card skins and access season pass

Want to have your Ultimates really stand out when fighting your opponents? You’ll be able to buy skins with $BOV Tokens. We will also introduce Season Passes and Tournament Access.



Allocation and release schedule

Initial Circulating Market Cap at TGE: $1,405,000

Fully Diluted Market Cap at TGE: $10,400,000


Initial Circulating Supply: 175,660,000

Total Supply at TGE: 1,3 BLN


All PreSales: 65% Total Supply

Team: 7% (locked for 12 months)

Marketing: 7% (locked for 12 months)

PreSales Release Schedules:


PreSale 1: 10% unlocked at TGE, 30 days cliff then unlocked over 6 months

PreSale 2: 7% unlocked at TGE, 25 days cliff then unlocked over 6 months

PreSale 3: 5% unlocked at TGE, 20 days cliff  then unlocked over 6 months

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