Trading card game with Auto-battle

Each Ultimate is an unique NFT which can be traded on marketplace. $BOV Tokens are used in-game to drive the value of NFT’s and lands.


The Ultimate Battle Arena battle system is an auto turn-based card game - you can easily go AFK when fighting enemy players!


Each Ultimate or Hero is an NFT - all in-game mechanisms are designed to burn $BOV tokens and make your Ultimates stronger during the process. You can buy or sell NFT's on marketplace.


During battles you can see actual Ultimates fighting each other, but beneath the interface, there's a rich Collectible Card Game (CCG) economy.


The game is Web-based for now with upcoming Android and iOS versions.

Get UBA Merch!

Buy NFT Card Packs with $ULTI

  • Spend $ULTI Tokens  to buy Card Packs – each one contains 5 x NFT’s
  • You’ll get NFT’s with following rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Build Card Decks containing 15 NFT’s
  • Join the battles with pre-built Decks
  • NFT’s or Ultimates can be Sold/Bought on NFT Marketplace

Battle to win $BOV Tokens

  • Winning battles grant $BOV Tokens
  • Tradable on DEX’s/CEX’s
  • The better your Ultimates (Heroes), the higher chance of winning
  • Battles are auto-played to simplify gameplay experience

Spend $BOV Tokens to power up your Ultimates

  • $BOV Tokens can be used to Level Up your Ultimates (depending on the rarity, the max level can be 50)
  • Each Ultimate has variable stats – Attack, Speed, Health – so even if you find a Legendary NFT the stats are randomized!
  • Re-roll existing Ultimate or Fuse Ultimates to get better rarity and stats
  • Join Season Passes / Tournaments and Buy Card Skins

Play2Earn on Polygon and BSC

Play2Earn with $BOV

Winning battles grant $BOV Tokens which can traded on Exchanges.

First Web, then Mobile Android

Our first iteration is Web-based game. Next stop: Android release!

$ULTI to buy / trade NFT's

In order to access the game, you first need to buy Card Packs with $ULTI Tokens. Buy $ULTI on PancakeSwap, contract address: 0x42BFE4A3E023f2C90aEBFfbd9B667599Fa38514F

$BOV to power up your Ultimates

The only way to level up and make your NFT's / Ultimates have higher chances of winning battles is to spend $BOV Tokens.

Cosmetic Card Skins

Coming soon: make your NFT's / Ultimates shine in battles with unique card skins.

Tournaments and Ranks

Spend $BOV Tokens to get into tournaments and earn higher Season Ranks.

$BOV and $ULTI Tradable on Exchanges

Both $BOV and $ULTI are tradable on PancakeSwap / QuickSwap and on multiple CEX's.

International Communities

We have huge number of supporters from different corners of the world. Be one of them!

Regular Content Updates

We'll update the game with new Ultimates, new abilities, new Lands, new Battle Arenas - keep following our Discord for announcements!

Buy / Sell NFT's on

Got a powerful Ultimate / NFT? Sell them on our NFT marketplace

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